Patient Stories for ICHF

In August 2016, I joined the International Children’s Heart Foundation on a medical mission in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We created hundreds of images for their marketing efforts, conveying the cautious optimism of patients’ families, the drama of the operating room, the collaboration between volunteers and local medical staff, and the tender moments throughout the entire patient experience. Additionally, I composed photojournalism features on the first three open-heart surgery patients.


Wendy’s Story

“I saw into her future. That’s why I’m finally doing something about it.” Wendy’s mom had postponed her 5-year-old daughter’s cardiac surgery since her diagnosis …
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Rancel’s Story

Two-year-old Rancel absolutely refuses to settle for one measly lap around the surgery floor corridors. There’s really no telling how long he’d wander if the …
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Mileisy’s Story

The ICU is momentarily effervescent. Two-year-old Mileisy blows bubbles with adorable concentration. Tender smiles punctuate her strenuous exhales whenever she manages to launch a few …
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